you can’t fix stoopid

So he’s moving in with me. As a roommate NOTHING MORE. I state that so emphatically to convince myself really. He has changed, much softer now and not as demanding or radical as he was 20 years ago….but then age softens us all. 

This evening I am meeting him to take the dog with me while he loads up his truck. He’s moving into the spare room but I get to share the dog who I just love. 

I dunno…is this a mistake? Am I being stupid? I’ll revisit that in a month and let you know. 


Someone from my past has suddenly reappeared into my life. It was a chance meeting and completely surprised us both. I had a very negative experience with this person 18 years ago and it changed me. Now, I see a person who time has beaten up a bit. There are definite scars and bruises received from life and I can’t help but wonder if this has made him a better person or just reinforced the old behaviour. I would like to think time helped him grow and figure not only who he is but he wants. 

I wasn’t sure how I felt about running into him but I find myself thinking about him and wondering. He is very interested in sparking something between us but I am hesitant. He has things he needs to resolve before I would consider a real date however, we have been to dinner and a trip to the dog park. As friends only. We had ‘the talk’ and for now he’s stuck in the friend zone even if I am beginning to feel attracted to him. 

Should be an interesting rest of the summer. 

cat vs. dog

The cat, just by his mere existence and he being a cat, makes the dog crazy. Cat is just sitting there, swishing his tail, randomly licking a paw and blinking while dog is bouncing and barking all tail wag and noise. Meanwhile, cat turns with the flick of the tail and gives dog the ‘ol stink eye. 


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